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Create inner peace and a conscious balance

Claim your Birthright "NOW" for a life in perfect Harmony& Happiness to experience optimum Health

We guaranty that you feel amazingly good after your REB (Releasing Emotional Blockages) session which will set you free from any fear and self doubt.

Maybe for the first time in your Adult life you will experiences the bliss of an aligned Mind, Body and spirit.

Harmony Gardens aim is to treat any ailment, find the root of the problem instead of attempting to treat the symptoms.
We all heard about the phrase “Mind over Matter”; and everyone is still denying it.
Our optimum health program begins always with clearing up the “Mind”; to set you free;
so that the “Matter” (your Body/Immune system) can enable the process of self healing.
Never before in my 23 years of treating clients have I seen any other technique that so dramatically clears the way to true happiness and inner peace in a single session.
I have seen problems that would normally take years to resolve in traditional therapy practically disappear in a few sessions.
When I first studied about this technique I was skeptical, even though what I saw seemed miraculous.
Because the REB can be used now to help everyone with ALL their health & life issues!

Now with over 1251 successful treatments alone here in Jamaica and many more in Europe and USA, I have seen phenomenal life changes in all my clients.

We have helped my clients curb their cravings for food, tobacco and alcohol, resolve fears, phobias and excessive emotional stress or over reactions, sleeplessness and overcome many diseases.
This technique is so versatile that it can be used for ANY issue or problem and ANY aspect of ANY problem, which is crucial especially in cases of “so called” terminal illnesses, such as Cancer and HIV. Cancer patients are much stronger and disciplined throughout their treatments, and always full of hope.

REB is an astoundingly effective way of identifying and repairing emotional wounds from your past or presence.
Through the muscle reflex testing (MRT) or also called Kinesiology we are finally able to assist you finding the real cause of your health issues.

This REB technique has been so successful because of these incredible combined techniques:

Bio Energetic Alignment
Conscious gratitude Prayers
Access Techniques
Unique tapping technique combined with special breathing
and real deep Meditation

The unique and conscious tapping & access technique combination are daily tools to create; always that perfect moment, the perfect day…

Cravings for food, tobacco and alcohol, resolve fears, phobias, excessive emotional reactions as well as the following:

High Blood pressure•
Allergies• & Food sensitivity
Fatigue issues•
Asthma• & sinus problems
Cancer especially to identify and clear the real cause (psycho somatic)•
Immune system problems•

Belief and behavior identification•
Sleeping disorder•
Stress control – neurological blocks•
•Hyper activity

•Relationship issues and enhancement
•Gaining self worth
•Emotional stress release
•Fears, phobias and addictions

Answers to: “Who am I?”•
What is my life purpose?•
What are my inherent qualities and abilities for career fulfillment?•
How can I make myself happy?

Our success results in clearing those most unknown issues or deep emotional wounds in people, from their childhood.
It has finally given us the crucial key to claim happiness, health and success in our lives.

A Doctor I treated a couple of years ago told me how amazed he was by the fact that these techniques can easily save a whole year of Psycho therapy.

On the spiritual and emotional side we have now a truly holistic Wellness & Anti Aging program based on Bio-Energetic Alignment of mind, body & spirit.

On the physical side we have to support the Body with energetic live foods and many very interesting but relatively unknown nutritional sources that I have collected during my journey to wholeness.
Many Clients and I are seeing benefits of abundant energy, health, happiness and a truly astounding discovery of “Age reversing”.

read up more about the development REB :

Now, I’m more active, feel happier and healthier for the past ten years than I felt twenty five years ago.

My Island
Sharing the uniqueness of Jamaica with the world!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Allergies are naturally curable...

Allergies have many different symptoms and can simply starting at any time and anywhere.

Allergies hidden behind Skin irritation and eczema

Allergies have many different symptoms and can simply starting at anytime and anywhere.

Allergies are hidden behind skin irritation and eczema.

We all are masterpieces of creation and beautiful
Our Creator has given us all a wonderful Body & Skin in perfection.
You cannot give up and except a bad skin, chronically inching, acne or eczema in your live.
Claim your birth right NOW to beautiful again.

Real healing, Rejuvenating, beautification & and amazing anti wrinkle effects can be a daily routine for you to have at all time a beautiful skin!

To treat the skin efficiently we need to work from 2 different directions!

1) Psychological

clear all emotional blockages to set the self healing mechanism free

2) Physical
detoxification get rid of fungus and parasites and toxins who attacking the skin
all day long from inside and out….learn a Proper care /maintenance
and nurture your body with proper nutrients through natural oils
internal & external and a organic mostly raw diet more below.

The skin is a border and shield to block and reject…or also receive. If there is any problem with this shield it needs to be recognized and if the shield is too thick or to thin it needs to be addressed! Fear is an issue... dis-trust is an issue and so on…. It is a psychological /emotional issue and can be cleared for life time with one REB session...
Toxins, allergic reaction and also the fungus can hostage the body is a clear indication of weakness of the border/shield!
So why is it weak… why is it drying out … dying out? What I am trying to cover?
Who am I trying to push away…?
Who I don’t like to come close to me anymore …? I don’t like to get touched … why not? And so on. ...

Physically it needs to be treated always internal and external:
Skin irritation... Rash, pimples, eczema are a way for the body to detoxify... when the colon are clogged (not absorbing, half way digested food ...).or absorbing to much junk and chemicals! (Do you always read the labels … Are you always aware of everything you are eating??

You have a daily intake of toxins…. So how can be cleansing ones a year be enough????

It is necessary to clean inside and outside on a daily base … (simple and easy by just eating the right cleansing food) so the junk. Toxins don’t accumulate on/in us … We recommend a proper cleansing at least every 6 months.

Internal :
We recommend 6 weeks colon cleansing with :
Healing Clays daily one teaspoon in the morning on a empty stomach in a glass of Spring water

Fiber shakes and foods on a daily base

Black caraway seeds or oil
1/2 teaspoon in your daily food ... salad or sandwich...
Or sprinkle the seeds in you soups and Vegetable while cooking.

Lapacho Tea and Organic loose Green tea (has incredible high amount of natural Vitamin C and E for the skin) when proper prepared heat sensitive!!
3 cups daily and switch it every 3 day’s …
ex: 3 Days lapacho 3 days Green tea.

Colloidal silver (6 weeks)
2 tablespoon daily( morning/night) rebuild the flora and kill parasite’s Fungus and bacteria

Algae Tables with plant protein, Chlorophyll for fresh blood and lot’s of amino acids to get rid of toxins in the whole body in no time.
Take at least 3 time 5 =15 tabs (2 g)
Or 3 times 3 = 9 Tabs (5 g) daily!
(Author takes up to 30 gram daily for the last 10 years…)

Wheat grass powder Kamut
High amount of natural Calcium (necessary for healthy skin) and plant protein to detox all chemicals, heavy metals and free radicals

washing of the skin only with Noni Soap! Or organic liquid soap
Noni is full of life… it rejuvenate and clean the skin soft and gentle with a high amount of enzymes and coconut oil…for a fabulous rejuvenation/ anti aging effect

Our Body/skin and natural salt
Our body is made from salt and water … and we loosing salt every day not only through sweating….and detoxification. (crying, urination and so on…
Important is now to refresh our body with the right salt ! The natural pure and unpolluted version of natural rock salt… best from the Himalaya Mountains where the Hunzas live over a 140 year with it and be strong and healthy … slim and work hard all lifelong….
The salt is available to use in your kitchen and also as an external treatment … to bath (once a week) or to just spray or rinse your skin.
This daily skin rinsing with Himalayan salt Brine solution 1/3 solution does miracles on your skin.

Healing clay mask to clean the skin ones a week make a mixture of green tea liquid and Himalayan salt brine 50/50 and clay powder (mask )and leave it for 30 minutes on the skin to dry out and wash of ...

Skin Healing Oils (special recipes available ) To Massage and replenish the skin... every morning after washing to moisturize the skin... and in the night before bed time again... the ingredients with heal, calm and refresh...and protect from early aging… because of the high amount of natural enzymes and Vitamin E found in :
Black Caraway seed oil 100% (to heal wounds and scars wile twice daily massaging it.)
Or /and Chinese Mint oil very cooling and refreshing... (To be placed/massaged on pimples and infections.
Use also Colloidal Silver in a spray Bottle and apply on skin irritation.
Also a good combination is Tee Tree Oil, GSE and coconut oil or Jojoba oils.

If you are serious interested to try some of the products or need a full detailed diet recommendation on healing and cleansing foods feel free to ask...
If you have more question or need consultation via Email or Phone ....please ask me or
write to

HHP Sigrid Ribbe email: or

Love and light to you for great health.... have a wonderful day
Sigrid Ribbe