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Fungus ~ Humans biggest problem these days!

A fungal overgrowth in the body can mimic many diseases, such as Diabetes, Sinus ,Asthma, Yeast infection, eczema, Depression, Fibrosis, Impotency and Prostate enlargement..and so forth ...!

Fungus can grow rapitly (specially when the person has no more control over their sweets craving)!
Mucosis can become the source for serious conditions ( i.e. depression and other physcological health issues!)causing many years of suffer !

It is attacking our immune system (Thymus) and can attacke the bone marrow with chronical( inflamations to even create deformations.

Fungus development is like growing an anti life force inside of us ..and make now really sense that it is the real cause of cancer!

Our past 50 years of changes in our lifestyle and diet's , insane overly drugged society ...simply can not handle any more fungus, than we all have already!

What does it means to have a mycosis ?

(plural Mycoses) is a fungal infection of animals, including humans.[1] Mycoses are common, and a variety of environmental and physiological conditions can contribute to the development of many different fungal diseases.
Inhalation of fungal spores or localized colonization of the skin may initiate persistent infections; therefore, mycoses often start in the lungs or on the skin befor they spread out and find all your weak spots to settle.[2]

Lupos and other immune diseases are based on fungus inbalances!Why we are flooded with immune diseases !??

learn about the components of the Immune System.

Our immune system consists of many components, which all play a very important part in protecting us from infection.

the major components are:
Bone marrow
Lymphatic system
White blood cells
Complement system

White blood cells the function of these is to protect our body from infections:

Here a list of our real enemies !!!
viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. There are many types of white blood cells each with their own role, and whilst some are more important than others it is essential that all cells function correctly.

Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cells. They are an essential part of our immune system. There are various types of lymphocytes: B cells, T helper cells, T-Killer cells and Natural Killer cells.

Important Parts of our Immune System is the fresh blood production based on the nutritional supply of in our colon...:

Thymus T cells are called "T cells" because they come from the Thymus which is found behind the sternum.

The Lymphatic System is made up of multiple lymph nodes (located all over our body), liver and spleen linked by fine vein-like channels called lymphatics. Lymphocytes circulate in the blood and lymphatics to and from organs.

Important to know is that our Bone Marrow is a sponge-like tissue inside our bones. And the T cells along with other blood cells are produced here before going to the Thymus.

Interesting information which is confirming my over 18 years standing strong theory that Cancer is a fungus eating us down!

Dr. Tulio Simonccini is telling the world now too...YES CANCER IS A FUNGUS!
source of thei information is from :

So why do we know that Cancer is a Fungus

One in four people die from cancer in the United States, every year, for people under the age of 85. About eight million people die each year world wide from cancer. There is still no known conventional cure and the number of deaths continue to increase. Many people have their theories about the cause, one such man is an Italian doctor by the name of Tullio Simoncini who believes that cancer is caused by candida. He claims that cancer is a natural protective agent against the attack of candida! What happens is that most people have normal candida (fungus), yeast containing organisms in their body, and our immune systems keep it under control. When our immune system can no longer do the job, the candida grows larger, and turns into a massive fungal growth.

Eventually this growth, will break off and spread to other organs, and try to penetrate them. As a defense, our body produces a cancer that acts as a protective layer from the penetrating candida organisms. When the candida spreads the body forms a new protective layer at the new site for which the candida has invaded, and it SEEMS as if the cancer has spread, but infact it hasn't. Tullio Simoncini proclaims that the traditional explanation of cancer cells being normal cells gone haywire is plain wrong.

Cure is simple he says, you kill off the fungus and the cancer cells our body produce have no reason to exist anymore and therefore dissolve. Tullio uses sodium bicarbonate, a natural fungus killer, to treat his patients. He has had monumental success with his method and the pharmaceuticals companies, have been persistent in trying to shut him up.

My opinion on Tullio's work. When you evaluate all the cancer treatments that work, they also happen to be powerful antifungal treatments too! Such as ozone therapy, and Pau D'arco. So based on my own knowledge, this seems like a very reasonable hypothesis.

Based on this research, if Tullio is correct, then a sure fire way to get cancer is to weaken our immune systems, and ingest tons of sugar (candida live off sugar and multiply). Then our body has no way to combat the fungus, and it will spread.

What weakens our Immune systems?

1.) chemotherapy
2.) electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, and microwaves
3.) pollution
4.) stress
5.) chemicals food in our food
6.) antibiotics

Basically everything prevalent in our society, weakens our immune system. AND, as we know, sugar is in everything, it's everywhere, so we are bombarded with both.

To read more about Tullio's works go to: Tullio and Cancer is a Fungus

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